Bobby Lockhart

Bobby is our sweet Alabama mystery. We’ve been asking him for a bio for years, but he either keeps forgetting or is too modest to write a bio about himself. Thinking it’s probably the latter. So as far as we can tell you, Bobby is a quiet guy. He’s actually more like an art ninja. Even though his color work is beautiful, he thrives on black and gray tattoos and could do script tattoos for days. Bobby enjoys various ninja activities such as shadow boxing, picnicking on rooftops, and drawing ridiculous pictures on our white board in our clean room. He’ll sit up all night drawing or sketching out a tattoo for a client and he does it all with a ton of very calm and quiet enthusiasm.

Booking Information:

Bobby’s books are currently closed. He is not working on large scale pieces, such as full sleeves and full back pieces. He will be focusing in smaller projects in the future.