Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your appointment deposit policy?

*As per studio policy, we require that all appointments require at least a $100 deposit upon scheduling. This deposit is NONREFUNDABLE. If you have to reschedule your appointment, you may do so no less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, otherwise you forfeit your deposit and will have to place another $100 down to hold a new appointment slot. If you cancel at least 48 hour prior to the scheduled appointment, the original deposit will apply to one reschedule only. This is a shop wide policy and applies to each of our artists while they are working for our studio. If in the event you need to reschedule, you must do so within 14 days of your originally cancelled appointment.

*Our artists reserve the right to require a larger deposit for their appointments in which the aforementioned terms would apply, or cancel a scheduled appointment at any time. *If in the event of a cancellation with a guest artist who is unable to reschedule (if you've notified them with at least 48 hours notice) during their time at our studio, it is at the guest artist's discretion whether they would issue a refund to you or not. Art Machine Productions does not handle guest artist financial transactions and is not responsible for compensation to customers who may have an issue with the guest artist's personal deposit policy.

Your deposit will be applied to the final cost and final session of your tattoo. In other words, if your tattoo will take multiple sessions to complete, your deposit will not be deducted until your final tattoo session. We do this to ensure that people are just as serious about honoring their appointment time as we are about coming to work every day to make money to provide for our families. If you choose to put more money than required by the artist down as a deposit, you may do so, but please keep in mind that it is NONREFUNDABLE if you do not reschedule within our time parameters or change your mind about getting tattooed all together.

I’m a tattoo artist and I want to do a guest spot at Art Machine. What do I do and when can I come?

We appreciate that you would like to bring your talents into our studio, really, we do! Unfortunately, we don't take submissions for guest artists. We have a very tight schedule of guest artists coming through Art Machine Productions from all over the country (and the world) and cannot accommodate as many artists as we get submissions for guest spots. If we need to fill a slot, we'll come to you. smile

Do you do tattoo parties? Will you come to my house?

No and no.

Tattooing out of anywhere but a licensed and health inspected tattoo studio is not only illegal, it is dangerous. Our studio is set up with all of the proper sterile methods needed for a safe and relaxing tattoo experience. If you and a few friends would like to set up a day to all get tattooed by the same artist, please feel free to contact that artist with an ample amount of time and see if they would be willing to accommodate you and your friends at the studio one day. Normal rates will apply. We do not do group pricing. Deposits for each person would be required as per our shop appointment policy.

How much do you charge an hour?

Each of our artists charges a bit differently. Some charge by the piece, and some charge by the hour. For more information on an artist's rate, please contact them directly or stop into the studio to speak with them in person. In person consultations are always the best option for getting an approximate cost of your desired piece. This allows the artist to view the area of your body they will be tattooing, as well as to discuss your ideas for the tattoo. As always, a nonrefundable deposit that will be credited toward your last session is required upon scheduling your appointment.

I want to buy a gift certificate good for use with “Blah blah” artist!

Awesome! We do indeed have gift certificates available for use at Art Machine Productions, whether it be for tattoo work or merchandise.

Here's the thing though, while our gift certificates are good for use with any artist, they do not guarantee that the artist of your choosing will be taking new appointments or will still be employed with our studio. Our gift certificates do not cover use with just one artist. We are not responsible for loss of funds if the artist you wanted to have work on your tattoo is no longer employed with our studio or is not accepting new clients.

If you are worried that the artist you would like to use the gift certificate for may not be able to accommodate you, please speak with them prior to purchasing. There are no refunds on gift certificates. Normal appointment deposit policies apply.

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