Mary-Leigh Maxwell

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Eyebrows: $400 ($200 each session, two sessions required scheduled 8 weeks apart)

Brows last anywhere from 1-3 years before a refresher appointment is needed.  The length of time depends on the clients skin, sun exposure, lifestyle, and other environmental factors.

Eyeliner/lash enhancement: $160 ($80 each session, two sessions required scheduled 6 weeks apart)

Refresher appointments 1+ year(s) post procedure will be priced on a case to case basis.


Mary-Leigh Maxwell has had an artistic background throughout her life; she attended Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, and also received her cosmetology license for hair and makeup in 2008.  After working in salons and assisting in tattoo studios for years, she decided to merge her love of art, tattoos, and makeup and pursue a career in permanent cosmetics.

Mary-Leigh trained under world renowned trainer and cosmetic tattoo artist Valerie Weber of Dermagrafix in Doylestown, PA where she learned machine method brow hair strokes, powderfill brows, and eyelash enhancement/eyeliner techniques.  She received her fundamental training certification in June 2016, and has been apprenticing at AMP since February 2017.

Mary-Leigh’s favorite eyebrow technique is a combination brow of hairstrokes and powderfill, which works well on many skin types and typically gives a longer lasting result compared to hairstrokes alone.  Mary-Leigh also enjoys doing eyeliner and lash enhancement.
Depending on the technique and person, permanent makeup can last anywhere from 1-3 years without a touch up.  Feel free to email Mary-Leigh with any questions or to set up a consultation.

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Dylan Carr

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Contact Dylan directly for booking information.


My name is Dylan Carr, I’m a three year tattooer from just outside Philadelphia. I started out working primarily as a traditional tattooer, and have since started developing into my own unique take on tattooing while still utilizing a strong traditional base. I’m always interested in taking on new creative projects, big or small. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Justin Rakowski

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Please send any inquiries to and I will generally respond within 24 hours. Feel free to include reference images, size & placement info, and any budget constraints you would like me to work with. Appointments can be scheduled for any day Sunday-Wednesday & Friday. Thank you!


Justin is a real good boy. He thoroughly enjoys doing tattoos in almost all styles, but is most passionate about traditional tattoos and modern spin offs of the style. Other strong tattoo interests include flowers, mandalas, and other ornamental style tattoos. Whether you want color, black and gray, dotwork, or just a linework tattoo, Justin is happy to accomodate, so reach out today and we’ll get your next tattoo booked in!

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Bobby Trefz

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Bobby Trefz is a man who has dedicated his life to his great love, tattooing. He is a proud father of a pretty rad kid, a loving husband, and a begrudging cat lady dude who can scarf a box of cereal in one go. A sketch addict with no particular specialty, because man, he’s just happy tattooin’. Each piece from Bobby comes with 100% heart at no extra cost.

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Dan Anthony

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Contact Dan directly to schedule an appointment!


Fun, folksy, traditional tattoos. Black floral work, and stippling. Cats rule, dogs drool.

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John Tarrao

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To inquire about an appointment or consultation, please use the contact form on this page to e-mail him directly.


Coming soon!

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Bobby Lockhart

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Bobby is our sweet Alabama mystery. I’ve been asking him for a bio for years, but he either keeps forgetting or is too modest to write a bio about himself. Thinking it’s probably the latter. So as far as I can tell you, Bobby is a quiet guy. He’s actually more like an art ninja. Even though his color work is beautiful, he thrives on black and gray tattoos and could do script tattoos for days. Bobby enjoys various ninja activities such as shadow boxing, picnicing on rooftops, and drawing ridiculous pictures on our white board in our clean room. He’ll sit up all night drawing or sketching out a tattoo for a client and he does it all with a ton of very calm and quiet enthusiasm.

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Andy Robinson

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Please check out my website for expanded portfolio, and updated Instagram and blog posts!

My names Andrew Robinson and I’ve been tattooing for 6 years.

I specialize in neotraditional style work with a focus on doing nature themed and animal tattoos. I draw a lot of inspiration from art nouveau and traditional Japanese artwork to create a unique look.

In my leisure time I enjoy traveling, learning Jiu-Jitsu, and practicing Zen Buddhism

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Nick ‘the Tailor’

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Please use to send any ideas or inquiries. When e-mailing about a tattoo, please provide your idea as well as size and possible placement. Thanks!


Voted one of the top ten artists in Philadelphia - award winning and versatile tattoo art!

Nick ‘the Tailor’ studied design at Penn State University and now works as a tattoo artist, freelance illustrator, and designer in Philadelphia. His style has a basis in traditional western tattooing (old school), but over time has developed to include the colors and details that are missing in many traditional designs. Rather than simply using shadows to create depth, he incorporates color theory and design principles into every piece he creates.

Nick has been illustrating and creating digital content for twelve years. Clients include NBC, Mattel, MC Saatchi, Totes/Isotoner, Quattro Press, Sourpuss Clothing Co., and Darkside UK clothing.

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Ryan Szadyr

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Please email via the contact form on this page in regards to tattoo inquiries.


Ryan was born in 1985 in southeast Michigan and started tattooing in late 2005. He came to us as a guest artist while he was a full time tattoo artist in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA which is where he lived for 4 years. With a main focus on American traditional style tattooing and the inquisitive thoughtfulness of the individual wearer, Ryan is always thrilled to accommodate and loves working with individuals and their designs! He has recently found his passion for building tattoo machines and also paints in his free time.

Ryan is a dedicated, hardworking family man. He is married and has two daughters. Ryan likes to travel and does guest spots when his schedule allows.

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Tim Pangburn

Booking Information

Tim is not currently accepting any new clients. Please keep an eye on both his and our social media channels and websites for updates on when he will be reopening his wait list. Thanks!

Clients are called no more than twice to book, and if they don’t respond, they get removed from the list. Tim receives many inquiries about booking, and it’s not fair to potential clients if someone is taking up a spot and not scheduling an appointment. Tim thanks everyone for their support, and is looking forward to working on new projects in 2015.


I started tattooing in 1998 in a small town in South Jersey. I did an old fashioned apprenticeship, with plenty of solder fumes, bleach stained pants, and clown costumes.

One thing I was taught early on was that you should be able to do any tattoo that walks in the door. Because of this, I consider myself a very well rounded artist. I can shift from style to style based on client preference. My preferred style is new school; however, I feel equally comfortable with traditional, realism, portraiture, black and grey, biomechanical, and above all else, cover ups. My love for cover ups is based on the very things that most artists find most frustrating about them. They are challenging, unpredictable, and often can’t be planned for in the same way you would with any other tattoo.

Every step in my career has been part of a much larger picture, and has led me to open my own studio. Art Machine Productions is located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. It is a 2700sf gallery and tattoo studio, with lots of open space and high ceilings. The decor is relaxed, very zen, and inspired by the dichotomy of modern industrial and Eastern religion.

In 2012, I began filming with Magilla Entertainment for TLC’s newest tattoo show, “America’s Worst Tattoos”. On the show, I was one of three artists that covers up a client’s unwanted tattoo with something they would [hopefuly] love for years to come. The show was a wonderful experience and I am humbled to have been chosen to participate alongside two incredibly talented artists such as Megan Massacre and Jeremy Swan.

When I’m not in the studio, I can normally be found in the kitchen or the backyard, hanging out with my family or pets, and making various items of pure deliciousness.